Cajun food is the best food on earth. However, despite its many reputations, it is not currently known for being hot. Perhaps in some circles outside of Louisiana, it’s thought to be hot; but the truth is heat has been integral to Louisiana cuisine. But today, for the discerning customer at NOLA’s finest restaurants, you will get all flavor with heat being your options between Tabasco, Louisiana, and Crystal. But many surrounding areas, including Mississippi, have chosen to kick their cuisine up several spice levels.

Here at Wildfire in Wonderland, we aim to provide some of these authentic flavors with the heat some might expect, as well as heat that surpasses anyone’s expectations, regardless of cuisine.

I am Aaron Harris. This company was named after my daughter, Alice Harris. Lily Harris is my youngest daughter and I am a USMC veteran, IT specialist, Eagle Scout, and spouse of Emmy Parkes, a registered dietician instructor at Ole Miss working on her PhD.

I began making hot sauce in 2017 and have focused my life on it ever since. I’m also currently working on my master’s degree in Database Administration. The only great things I’ve done with my life is have two amazing daughters and work relentlessly on spicy foods. My hope is that other people enjoy the spicy products I have created.